Seth Meyers talks Trump’s tiffs with Canada and North Korea

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President Donald Trump is not only having issues with North Korea, but has started a trade “spat” with Canada as well, as Seth Meyers points out.

President Trump’s approval ratings after his first hundred days aren’t anything to write home about. Despite this, Trump is proud of himself, giving himself an “A” when a reported asked him to grade his own performance. But as Seth Meyers jokes on last night’s Late Night, that’s like “asking Kanye West what he thinks of his new album.”

Meyers goes further into Trump’s desperation to get something on his “scorecard” by the end of his first 100 days. At this point, he’s going crazy with executive orders and trying to revive his failed ACA repeal plan. But he’s also apparently starting a trade dispute with his neighbor up north, the country of Canada.

Under Trump, the US is imposing a softwood tariff on lumber imported from Canada, which is creating some tension. After decades of an easy peace between the two nations, we’re finally having a “spat” with Canada. Meyers sees this as an example of everything we joked about before the election now coming true.

But the positive to come out of this, Meyers says, is the enjoyment of hearing news anchors constantly using the phrase, “Canadian softwood lumber.” Meyers additionally says that he’s not going to use this as a chance to make a bunch of penis jokes. “I’m just saying that Donald Trump doesn’t want to be slapped with soft Canadian wood, so he’s clamping down on it.”

From there, Meyers gets into the much scarier possibility of a real war with North Korea. He talks about a meeting held at the White House which shuttled in Senators by bus, but didn’t tell any of them anything new. As Bernie Sanders says in a clip, it was more of a PR move than anything, which is why he didn’t participate.

Watch the entire video below.

Trump’s presidency seems to be a strange combination of being both hilarious and scary. Has it really only been just a hundred days so far? I’m not sure we can even make it to four years.