Conan attempts VR gaming with Wilson’s Heart

Credit: TBS
Credit: TBS /

Conan O’Brien’s newest Clueless Gamer segment from his TBS series has the comedian fumbling his way through the VR video game Wilson’s Heart.

Late night TV funnyman Conan O’Brien is not a gamer. He only rarely plays video games, as by his own admission, he doesn’t particularly enjoy them. But in the interest of promoting new games, Conan attempts to play them as part of his ongoing Clueless Gamer segments on Conan.

We have seen a lot of hilarious Clueless Gamer segments in the past. Conan has taken on seemingly every kind of game, from Tomb Raider to Battlefield 1. But the non-gaming gamer had, yet to dive into the world of virtual reality, until last night’s episode of Conan.

Using the Oculus Rift headset, Conan gets into the VR game Wilson’s Heart. Right away, he has some issues, freaking out upon seeing his own “gross” hands, as he’s playing as an elderly man. He’s also taken aback by the black and white color scheme, asking how he can make everything in color (the game is an homage to 30s and 40s horror movies).

“I thought the whole point of virtual reality is to enhance reality!” Conan jokes. “And you’re saying I’ve entered a world where I’m colorblind and I’m an old man. Wow, that’s fantastic!

As he plays the game, it’s clear Conan is having more fun screwing around than following the story. He seems to get a big kick out of throwing objects on the ground. As the old man in the game, Conan also enjoys checking himself out in the mirror. It’s hilarious all the way through, and you can watch the video below.

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The Clueless Gamer segments remain some of the best bits to come out of late night TV. Hopefully Conan will have another go at VR on a future episode.