Colbert and Sigourney Weaver make parody Alien trailer

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With Alien: Covenant due to arrive in May, franchise star Sigourney Weaver went on The Tonight Show to make a parody Alien trailer with Stephen Colbert.

Fans of the Alien movie franchise love Sigourney Weaver. With her in the role, she made the series’ central character Ellen Ripley one of the most badass movie characters in history.

The next entry in the Alien franchise, Alien: Covenant, is coming on May 19. Director Ridley Scott has spoken about his plans for more installments he wants to do as well. Along with that comes heavy rumors that Weaver will reprise her role as Ripley once again. Scott and Weaver both have been saying that this is going to happen.

On The Late Show last night, Stephen Colbert brought up Weaver and the rumors about her returning to Alien. Of course, he can’t say if she’ll have a cameo in Covenant or if it will be in a future Alien sequel. But Colbert jokes that if Weaver did have a cameo in the film, then he would have a clip.

That introduces a parody scene of Weaver’s “cameo” in an upcoming Alien movie. In the scene, Weaver appears in character as Ripley, and despite that it’s just a skit, it’s amazing to see. Colbert appears in it as well as an apathetic health clinic receptionist. He’s so extremely unhelpful that dealing with him seems to be Ripley’s biggest challenge yet.

Watch the entire hilarious video below.

This clip above is so hilarious that Colbert and Weaver themselves have a hard time keeping a straight face. Still, as an Alien fan, I found myself laughing so much harder.