Trevor Noah talks Donald Trump and marijuana

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central /

In honor of 4/20, Trevor Noah spoke on The Daily Show about the Trump administration’s anti-pot stance, joking that Trump is a major pothead himself.

Whether some people want to accept it or not, marijuana is on the cusp of legalization. Each passing year only brings about more support for embracing it. Around 60% of the nation now supports some form of legalization and regulation, yet that statistic seems lost on the Trump administration.

While the president himself always seems to dodge this subject, his attorney general is much less vague. Jeff Sessions not only wants to keep pot illegal, he wants to ramp up enforcement against it. At a time when the country is suffering from tremendous debt and unemployment, this refusal may actually be harming the nation.

Perhaps even more baffling about Sessions’ spouting his stubborn anti-pot sentiments is Trump allowing it to happen. On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah says as much, suggesting the president himself is “always high”. He adds that if you think about it, it really does provide a perfect explanation for some of his questionable behavior.

To prove his point, Noah talks about a couple humorous Trump gaffes. Noah then shows a clip of a recent interview with Trump being asked about bombing Syria. Rather than answer the question straight forward, Trump talks about how delicious chocolate cake is. Noah then shows what he calls unedited footage of the interview, with Trump blowing out a huge cloud of pot smoke while answering the question.

Take a look at the YouTube video of the entire segment below.

Despite the Trump administration’s attempts to revitalize reefer madness, everyone else is only laughing at them. So people are just going to continue laughing at them until they finally bend.