Kimmel takes to the streets to look for stoners

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC /

On 4/20, Jimmy Kimmel Live hit the streets of Venice Beach to ask random pedestrians the question, “Are you high right now?”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is very straight forward about the Trump administration’s anti-marijuana policies. Although recreational pot is now legal in many states, with medicinal being available in so many more, the government refuses to embrace marijuana. But that’s not stopping people from smoking up.

To prove this point, Jimmy Kimmel Live did a segment on last night’s 4/20 episode to see how many people out there are currently stoned. In the state of California, where recreational use is currently legal, people can purchase marijuana whenever they wish. To see how many of them are, the show hit the streets to ask random passers-by if they were high at that very moment.

Kimmel gets the studio audience involved, asking the crowd what they think upon showing each potential stoner. For some of them, it’s pretty obvious, but there are some surprises in here as well. In any case, it’s fun to play along at home, too. So take a few minutes to watch the video below and guess along with Kimmel’s audience.

Playing this game is admittedly pretty fun. It’s too bad I live in a state where recreational use is not going to be legal anytime soon, so I could go out and try this myself. Then again, being legal or not isn’t stopping the people who choose to do it. They just might not be so quick to admit it on camera.