Trevor Noah destroys Alex Jones on The Daily Show

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central /

Alex Jones has been getting torn apart in the press after being outed as a “performance artist”, and Trevor Noah has the most scathing take down yet.

It has not been a very good week for Infowars host Alex Jones. The controversial radio personality has been embroiled in a legal custody battle with his ex-wife. To argue that Jones isn’t really a nutjob, his lawyer admitted that Jones is merely a “performance artist”. In other words, his entire show and all of his rants are part of an elaborate act.

The media caught on quickly to this admission and ran with it. Jones has since been getting ripped to shreds by comedians ever since. Recently, Stephen Colbert satirized him on Late Night. As hilarious as that was, it’s not quite as scorching as Trevor Noah’s take on the situation on The Daily Show last night.

Noah kicked things off by playing some clips of Jones saying some of his typical outlandish remarks. He then offers his own Alex Jones impression, which is spot on, before getting into the details of Jones’ custody battle.

It’s pointed out that Jones is claiming through his lawyer that he is a “performance artist”, and that he isn’t really crazy. To really point out just how wrong Jones is, Noah then goes into a complete take down which lasts several minutes long. To pluck out the best part is impossible as it’s hilarious all the way through.

Watch the video clip below, courtesy of YouTube.

The rant segues into taking on President Donald Trump as well. Noah can’t help but wonder if Trump is a “performance artist” just like his buddy Alex Jones. It’s funny to think about — but not outside the realm of possibility.