Kimmel and Matt Damon poke fun at United in parody ad

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC /

Matt Damon provides the voiceover in a new parody ad shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live, ridiculing United Airlines for their recent controversies.

By this point, we have all heard about the big fiasco with United Airlines. In the event that you haven’t, I’ll sum it up for you super quickly. Basically, United stuck one too many people on an airplane scheduled for takeoff. When the “random” paying customer they chose to leave wouldn’t cooperate, they beat the hell out of him and forced him off.

United soon found themselves deep in hot water in the immediate aftermath. Because of people recording the event on their cell phones, it wasn’t long until video of the event went viral. And late night talk shows have been joking about it ever since.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel threw another United parody into the mix. He uses his longtime arch rival Matt Damon to provide the voiceover for a United commercial. Kimmel manages to both throw some shade at United while playing off his ongoing feud with Damon. Courtesy of YouTube, you can watch the entire video of the segment below.

It begins with Damon attempting to do a serious take on the ad. Partially through, however, he becomes agitated. It seems United throwing someone off their plane is too similar to Kimmel always bumping Damon off the show. The best part is during the narration, when Kimmel appears to bump Damon once again.

The feud between Kimmel and Damon has been ongoing for so many years. Yet, it’s still not getting old. I say keep the Damon disses coming.