Alec Baldwin talks becoming Trump with Colbert

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Alec Baldwin stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night and spoke about his recurring SNL role as President Donald Trump.

One of the funniest gags Saturday Night Live has been running with is Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. Everyone seems to find it hilarious except for the President himself, who tweets about how the portrayal “stinks”. In any case, Baldwin doesn’t appear to be stopping the Trump impersonations anytime soon.

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Baldwin came on as a guest. The two spoke a little about various topics, such as Baldwin’s new baby boy Leo. With a couple of minutes of smalltalk out of the way, Colbert then asks Baldwin directly about becoming Donald Trump.

Baldwin says how playing Trump is perhaps the most eerie thing he’s ever done. People regularly thank him on the street, presumably happy to see Baldwin taking the prez down a peg — much to the annoyance of his young daughter.

The topic dives into how the comedic actor wound up getting the spot in the first place. Lorne Michaels had first asked him to come do Trump on SNL last summer, but Baldwin had plans to do a movie. When the project fell through, Baldwin picked up the phone and called Michaels, agreeing to become the President. You can see the full story yourself in the YouTube video below.

Baldwin also talks about the process of becoming the character, which is a total caricature of the President. It’s interesting to get a glimpse into how he came up with the mannerisms and voice. In any case, Baldwin as Trump is one of the funniest acts currently on television.

Even if the President himself doesn’t agree.