Fallon tries his hand at roasting Trump

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube /

On The Tonight Show Monday night, Jimmy Fallon takes a few tentative shots at Trump.

Jimmy Fallon, whose most political moment in late night so far was explicitly not political, may finally be joining the rest of late-night in taking aim at Trump. In Monday’s monologue, Fallon went after the president’s lack of heart, affinity for Russia and ill-equipped press secretary.

Fallon kept his trademark jovial tone, but he offered a few asides with a little bite. Referencing the viral photo of the Easter Bunny’s grimace, Fallon quipped, “that’s the expression Americans have had for about 100 days now.” He even threw in a few of his Trump impressions for good measure.

See the monologue and Fallon’s foray into Trump-roasting below.

When it comes to political content, or the lack thereof, Fallon is best known for ruffling Trump’s hair during a campaign stop on The Tonight Show. For many, it signaled Fallon’s unwillingness to engage with the seriousness of Trump’s platform and policies. The Tonight Show took a ratings hit and, in light of Trump’s election, has not yet recovered.

In the meantime, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert have hit their stride taking strong stances and roasting without mercy. And on HBO, Bill Maher and John Oliver are proving the same strategy works in weekly installments.

It’s increasingly obvious that the “Trump bump” is real and, just as importantly, that late-night comedians can still give cut-throat coverage their own spin without losing their established identity. The White House Easter Egg Roll, light as it is, may have been the perfect opportunity for Fallon to test the waters, but the monologue is ultimately wide-ranging. It’s hard to argue it’s even Trump-focused. Still, it’s not surprising to see Fallon to head in a more political direction. It’s clearly working well for Colbert.