Colbert creates new parody character mocking Alex Jones

Credit: CBS
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Stephen Colbert rips InfoWars host Alex Jones to shreds on Monday night’s episode of Late Night by creating “performance artist” character Tuck Buckford.

For years, people have been wondering if Alex Jones truly means the outlandish things he says on his program. Many of his comments leave people scratching their heads, thinking there’s no way he is serious. Well, that hunch is apparently right, as it turns out it’s all an act, according to Jones’ own lawyer.

Jones is currently engaging in a custody battle with his ex-wife, as his former lover claims Jones is an unfit parent. She points to his infamous InfoWars rants as proof of his unstability. In response, Jones and his lawyer are arguing that his on-air persona is fake, and no different than Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in Batman.

If anyone knows anything about being a performance artist, it’s Stephen Colbert. After all, he headed The Colbert Report for many years, portraying a parody version of a right-wing conservative. On Monday night’s The Late Show, Colbert spent some time talking about the Alex Jones revelation, and chose to have some fun with it.

Colbert mentions his past playing a satirical right-winger. But he’s not talking about his Bill O’Reilly spoof on The Colbert Report. Colbert jokes that he once portrayed Tuck Buckson, a far-right conservative radio host. He then unveils a clip of him as Tuck in a scathing take down of Alex Jones. It’s hilariously spot on, and you can watch the entire video from YouTube below.

This parody of Colbert’s is one of his best yet. Not only does he perfectly nail Jones’ voice and way of speaking, he gets the craziness right, too. Here’s hoping for more Tuck Buckford segments in the future.

As of yet, Jones himself has not given any comment on the “performance artist” admission. Either way, it’s making for great fodder on late night TV.