Chelsea Handler thinks Sean Spicer is a human baked potato (Video)

Conan / YouTube
Conan / YouTube /

Chelsea Handler stopped by Conan to wonder how human baked potato Sean Spicer can be so stupid and offer a question of her own for the press corps.

Sean Spicer said something both stupid and false to the White House press room on Monday and Handler said something both funny and true when she stopped by Conan’s show, true to character for both of them.

After calling him “that baked-potato guy,” Handler hypothesized that Spicer is actually coached by Trump before he speaks to the press. Because, as she puts it, “he can’t possibly be that stupid naturally.”

In this instance, which if you somehow missed it, involved Spicer saying that Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,” Handler paints a bathroom scene. Spicer, mid-diarrhea, has Trump whispering in his ear, “say something about Hitler, and the Holocaust, say something about that.”

Watch the clip, the first of a few bits, below.

Handler’s follow-up question “Does he think this is going to end well for him?” seems obvious, but is one that apparently needs to be asked. The man spends more time apologizing and recanting than anything else. He’s already clocked multiple apologies for not knowing what everyone learns in a basic history class. His latest apology, by way of NBC News’ Greta Van Susteren, went like this: “I got into a topic that I shouldn’t have and I screwed up. I hope people understand that we all make mistakes. I hope that I show that I understand that I did that.”

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If you, however, are like Handler and think the blame lies more with Cheetos than baked potatoes, the comedian has a question she would like to ask Spicer. Rather than ask a serious question – “like he has a f–ing answer” – she wants to know: “How do you feel about this man who says one thing on Wednesday and another thing on Friday?”

Here’s hoping someone asks.