Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump on SNL, trolls Trump supporters

Credit: SNL
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Saturday Night Live returned this weekend, meaning it was time to dig back in on the Donald Trump trolling after a few weeks off.

When SNL took some time off a month ago, there was a backlog of Donald Trump trolling that needed to be cleaned out. After being off since the middle of March, Saturday Night Live returned tonight with a buffet of things out of Washington that could be used in the cold open.

This season has seen just about every single show start with a cold open that trolled Donald Trump, save for a few notable exceptions. Kate McKinnon was twice pushed the Trump trolling back, first with a Hillary Clinton tribute and second with a killer Jeff Sessions impression. Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer earned cold open honors the week after it was debuted but for the most part we’ve seen the first skit of the night reserved for some sort of political trolling.

Whether or not the target would be aimed at Trump after a few weeks off was one of the things SNL fans were wondering about heading into tonight’s show.

Tonight saw the return of Alec Baldwin as Trump, for the umpteenth time, and he took aim at Trump’s supporters. There was a quick mention of Syria but the thick of the bit was devoted to the growing narrative of Trump’s supporters turning on him now that he’s not keeping the promises he made on the campaign trail.

If there’s something that this season of SNL has done — a season that is one of the best in years –it’s use the current political climate to full effect. The bits have been strong, the impressions spot on and when the show wants to go hard in the paint it usually sticks the landing.

That was the case again this weekend, as a little time off did the show wonders. We’re reaching the final stretch of the season, and things have been on an upward trend since the first episode back in October. If SNL is looking to finish strong, this is a pretty good start.