Seth Meyers discusses Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner on Late Night


Late Night with Seth Meyers used Thursday night’s segment of A Closer Look to talk about Steve Bannon’s demotion and Jared Kushner’s growing role.

It has been yet another busy week for President Donald Trump and his administration. To no one’s surprise, all of the late night talk shows continue to chime in on anything and everything to come out of the White House, including the NBC series Late Night with Seth Meyers.

During Thursday night’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers fit a number of topics into a little over eight minutes with his popular segment of A Closer Look. Meyers started by talking about President Trump and his meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping, then went on to talk about Steve Bannon being removed from the National Security Council.

Apparently, Trump has been frustrated with people joking that Bannon was the real President, so Meyers continued to troll him by making a fake presidential portrait of Bannon. You can check out the entire segment of A Closer Look from Thursday night’s episode of Late Night in the YouTube video below.

During the segment, Meyers also talked about Jared Kushner, who continues to have an expanding role in the Trump administration. As Trump’s son in law, Kushner was asked to help with the meeting between the President and Jinping, since Kushner is considered a “princeling” in China, much like their president.

There is never going to be a shortage of material for Meyers to talk about, and that’s a good thing for him, because Late Night’s ratings continue to trend upward.