Jay Leno returns to Tonight Show to sub in for Jimmy Fallon (Video)

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Jay Leno tapped in to help tag team the Tonight Show monologue with Jimmy Fallon in Orlando.

WrestleMania might have already happened this past weekend in Orlando, but the tag team matches continue into this week. The WWE is gone, but Jimmy Fallon tagged in a late night legend to help him out when he injured himself in Thursday’s opening monologue.

Fallon didn’t actually hurt himself, but he used it as a way to set up a bit that paid off with Jay Leno making an appearance and telling a few jokes. After Fallon said he “pulled something”, the ex-Tonight Show host tagged in and took it from there.

“Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are reportedly heading for divorce,” Leno said. “I don’t believe it. I don’t think he’d ever leave her behind.”

And just like that, Leno was back in he element.

Of course, not everyone will take this in stride. Many still hold a bitter grudge over the way Leno forced his way back into the Tonight Show gig after it had been handed to Conan O’Brien back in the early 2010s. That move coincided with Fallon occupying Conan’s old time slot, thus making it appear as though Fallon and Leno were the reason Conan was ousted and left without a network home.

The details are deeper than that, but it doesn’t change the fact that Fallon — a man who already has work to do in making up for schmoozing it up with Donald Trump — is in a position to get blasted again.

Take yourself out of the controversy and it’s an enjoyable little moment. Leno hosted the Tonight Show for decades, and is the best known host of the show next to Johnny Carson. Seeing him back in his element was a fun little detour from what we’re used to.

Check out the full monologue below:

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