Seth Meyers warns Donald Trump to stop stealing SNL skits

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Seth Meyers continues his all-out assault on Donald Trump, accusing him of being a living, breathing SNL skit.

There have been a lot of things that President Donald Trump has done to rub people the wrong way. Whether it’s sexually aggressive things he’s suggested he has done or the laws that he’s trying to pass in Congress, a lot of people have a lot of beef with the President.

For the most part, Late Night host Seth Meyers has just intellectually taken Trump down in segments like ‘A Closer Look’ and others. But things went to another level last week when Trump ripped off Saturday Night Live and crossed over into new territory.

Now it’s personal, according to Meyers.

The late night host told Donald Trump to stop stealing SNL bits whenever he decides to address the public. His comment stemmed from Trump basically ripping off a joke that Chevy Chase told about Gerald Ford on a segment of Weekend Update back in the 70s.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Trump referenced the fact that he’s the President of the United States, so he can’t be doing that bad. This is almost exactly what Chase used to troll Ford back in the day on SNL, which only confirms the fact that Trump is a walking, talking SNL skit.

Check out the little segment below:

Meyers was a head writer at SNL for years, hosting the Weekend Update for a long period of his tenure there. He so mastered the ways of the Update desk that he has ported a lot of it over to his late night show.

This is also a double dig at Trump. Not only is Meyers pointing out yet another silly thing the President of the country said, but he almost certainly made Trump’s face an even brighter shade of orange rage. Trump has been at war with SNL this season, tweeting about the show almost every time he is mentioned.

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Meyers saying that Trump in real life is ripping off a show the President deemed ‘unfunny’ and ‘failing’ probably isn’t going to sit well in the Oval Office.