Seth Meyers breaks down Comey Hearing on A Closer Look


Late Night with Seth Meyers discussed FBI Director James Comey’s hearing regarding President Donald Trump and possible ties to Russia with A Closer Look.

All of the major late night talk shows had to talk about FBI Director James Comey’s hearing with Congress on Monday night. While everyone had their own jokes regarding the matter, the NBC series Late Night with Seth Meyers did their best to provide a detailed look at the hearing.

During Monday’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers and his staff put together a terrific segment of A Closer Look to talk about Comey’s hearing and what came out of it.

The segment focused on a number of takeaways from the hearing, including the revelation from Comey that the FBI and Department of Justice were indeed investigating ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

The craziest part of all of this was that the official POTUS Twitter account made a claim saying that Comey admitted that there was no evidence to support those claims, and Congress had to ask the FBI director about the tweet as the hearing was happening. You can watch the entire segment of A Closer Look in the YouTube video below.

During the hearing, Comey also shared with Congress that the FBI and DOJ have found zero evidence to support Trump’s claims that Barack Obama had illegally wiretapped the Trump Tower during the election.

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There was plenty to talk about on Monday night for Late Night, but you have to give credit for Meyers and his writers for putting together a concise segment of A Closer Look to summarize everything that happened during the Comey hearing.