30 most controversial Bill Maher moments

Real Time with Bill Maher - courtesy of HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher - courtesy of HBO /
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22. Bill Maher gets into it with Piers Morgan over Trump

Television personality Piers Morgan isn’t without his own share of controversy. Although he claims that he wouldn’t have personally voted for Donald Trump, he is a staunch supporter of the commander in chief. Perhaps that’s because Trump chose Morgan as the winner on a season of Celebrity Apprentice. In any case, Morgan sticks up for the Donald any chance he gets.

As was the case on an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. Morgan had came onto the show as a guest, and the topic of Donald Trump comes up. Trump is constantly giving comedians plenty of material to work with, enabling Maher to poke some fun at the president. This irritates Morgan, who isn’t standing for the insults, and immediately starts hammering back at Maher.

The debate between Morgan, Maher, and the other guests heats up quite a bit. Morgan’s firing back at Maher’s quips irritate Maher so much that he gets to the point of shouting. It’s one of the louder debates to happen on the HBO program, and there is a lot of debate from viewers as to which one of the two won the argument.