30 most controversial Bill Maher moments

Real Time with Bill Maher - courtesy of HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher - courtesy of HBO /
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21. Ben Affleck gets sad during a debate on Real Time

Bill Maher is certainly very left-leaning with his political viewpoints. But one area where he differentiates himself from liberals is with his view on religion. Maher doesn’t believe that all religions are alike, and some should be looked at differently than others. Infamously, Maher is critical of the Islamic faith, which leads itself into an uncomfortable exchange on Real Time.

Famous director and actor Ben Affleck appears on Real Time as one of the show’s guests. Maher and the guests are debating radical Islam and how to approach the topic. Affleck maintains the position that only a small percentage of Muslims are terrorists, and it’s racist to treat them all differently because of it. The Batman actor suggests that it’s akin to treating all blacks differently, because you’re unfairly judging an entire group of people based on the actions of a few.

Maher and the other guests seem firm on the belief that the Islamic faith is dangerous. Affleck, meanwhile, is horribly offended by what they are saying to him. He says what they are saying is disgusting, and they don’t come to any kind of common ground by the end of the debate.