Blake Griffin has James Corden be his life coach on Late Late Show


The Late Late Show host James Corden decided that Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin needs some extra motivation, so Corden became his life coach.

Los Angeles Clippers power forward and NBA All-Star Blake Griffin is one of the better players in the NBA. However, he apparently needs some extra support if he wants to take that next step to be in the discussion with the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

That’s why Griffin needed to get a life coach. The Late Late Show host James Corden took it upon himself to become the NBA star’s coach. Corden gave him all kinds of tips to become a better all-around athlete, from drinking shakes with steak in them to shooting the basketball while blindfolded.

Corden might not be the best coach for an NBA player, you say? Don’t tell Griffin that, at least until the season is over. You can watch the entire video of Corden as Griffin’s life coach in the YouTube video below.

Even though Corden was there to help train Griffin’s body and mind, but he was also there to be the Clippers’ fashion consultant, encouraging the power forward to wear a Roman helmet and a fur coat.

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Anyone who knows Griffin knows that he has a great sense of humor. From doing stand-up comedy to co-hosting a sketch comedy series with his teammate Chris Paul for Adult Swim and a number of commercials for Kia.

It’s safe to say that Griffin and Corden joining forces made for one of the better Late Late Show sketches in a while.