Seth Meyers celebrates Northwestern March Madness selection

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Late Night host and Northwestern grad Seth Meyers celebrated the Wildcats first ever NCAA Tournament bid this weekend.

It has been a year of droughts ending in the greater Chicago era. First  the Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year losing streak by winning the World Series and now the other great sports drought has come to end.

On Sunday night — Selection Sunday is commonly known — revealed that Northwestern would be heading to the big dance for the first time in school history. Never making the NCAA Tournament has been a point of frustration for Northwestern fans, being that it’s a Big Ten school and missing the tournament the number of times they have is outrageous.

That being said, the quality of the product on the court hasn’t been where it needed to be over the years. Finally, all of that has changed and the alumni around the country are jubilant over being able to get in on the March Madness fun for the first time ever.

One of those alums is Late Night host Seth Meyers. The comedian graduated from Northwestern before heading to New York and a career with Saturday Night Live. With word that his former school had finally made it into the NCAA Tournament, Meyers wasted no time in celebrating.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how big of a supporter Seth Meyers is of Northwestern. That’s an officially licensed T-shirt commemorating the Wildcats NCAA Tournament bid, no less than a few hours after the brackets were announced.

There was a point in the evening where it looked like Northwestern might not make it in outside of a play-in game. The last bracket revealed showed that Northwestern had made it in as an 8-seed — a matchup that won’t easy to win but one that poises the Wildcats for a trip to the Round of 32.

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We can expect to see more Northwestern alumni, like Meyers and Stephen Colbert, ride this train hard while the good times are still good.