Kate McKinnon trolls Jeff Sessions again on SNL (Video)

Credit: SNL
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Kate McKinnon returned as Jeff Sessions this weekend on Saturday Night Live, and it was everything that we wanted it to be.

One of the shining bright spots on SNL this season — and for a very long time — has been Kate McKinnon. She’s an Emmy winner thanks to her role on the show and she continues to bring the heat week in and week out, when given the chance.

So far this season we’ve been given a heavy dose of her political impressions, all of which are absolute home runs. Those afraid that she might be one note with Hillary Clinton were sorely mistaken when she rolled out classic impressions of Kellyanne Conway, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Elizabeth Warren.

Most recently though, she unveiled her portrayal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which only strengthens her rotation of characters.

McKinnon brought back her Jeff Sessions impression on Saturday Night for a Weekend Update segment trolling the Attorney General’s continued links to Russia.

“I might not talk good, but I am very scary,” McKinnon quipped.

This appearance follows one she had last week int he cold open, where she portrayed Sessions in the role of Forrest Gump. That dimwitted southern drawl she has perfected oozes out of this Sessions impression and perfectly captures him in ways that might very well bring about another Emmy win for her in the future.

Props should also be extended to Alex Moffat for nailing his Al Franken impression. It was low key but it was beyond solid.

The star of this segment was McKinnon as Sessions, though. It’s never a bad thing to see more of McKinnon on SNL, and this trend of getting her more and more into episodes is something everyone can sign for.