Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump in SNL cold open (Video)

Credit: NBC
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Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump on SNL to deliver an address to troops battling an alien invasion.

SNL has hit it’s stride this season, with the political comedy being better than it has been in a very long time. All of this has made us look forward to the cold open each week and what new scandal the show will dig in on.

In the past, we’ve seen Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression take center stage but he hasn’t been the only one to cash in big. Melissa McCarthy was such a big hit as Press Secretary Sean Spicer that she was bumped up to the cold open a few weeks ago, turning in a classic performance.

Last week saw Kate McKinnon reprise her role as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, using Forrest Gump as a launching point for the spoof.

This week, we saw a cold open that parodied an alien invasion which served as a backdrop to troll Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin made his much anticipated return as the president to deliver an address to troops getting ready to defend the earth in an Independence Day-style situation.

This is nothing new for the crew at SNL, though. Ever since before Trump was even elected the show was going in on him — a trend that intensified when he won back in November. Not since the early 2000s has the show been this politically charged, or this hilarious, and things only seem to be continuing upward from here.

Cold opens are usually hit and miss, but this season of SNL has seen hit after hit. Tonight was no exception and the bar has been raised once again.