Kristen Stewart brushes off Donald Trump’s obsession with her

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Kristen Stewart brushed off Donald Trump’s obsession with her back in 2012 when Stephen Colbert asked about it on Late Show.

One of the most interesting artists to watch at the moment is actress Kristen Stewart. She’s gone from being a blockbuster star in movies like Panic Room and the Twilight series, to an art house stud slaving for her craft in any way she can.

She wasn’t always a hipster icon though, as her days of playing Bella in the Twilight movies made her into a household name in more ways than one. The stardom brought tabloid sensationalism to Stewart’s life and it was something that President Donald Trump at one point in time obsessed over on Twitter.

Stewart told Stephen Colbert that Donald Trump obsessing over her back in 2012 is no big deal and that he has yet to reach out to her to discuss how he feels presently.

“He doesn’t respond,” Stewart said, reminding everyone she called Trump out on SNL. “I did it publicly, and he didn’t publicly respond. I was kind of disappointed. I don’t know, man. We’re all different. That’s okay. Celebrate the differences. Whatever.”

SNL dug up tweets Trump send out five years ago when Stewart and then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson were dating. Scandal emerged when it was revealed that Stewart had an affair — maybe, we don’t know the details nor should we — and the tabloids went bananas over it.

It comes as no surprise now that Trump was all about this back in 2012:

Stewart is a star to watch in the future, as she’s fully embraced the artistry of independent film in a way that calls back to its heyday in the 90s. That’s a good thing to obsess over, and hopefully that’s where future Twitter rants take us as opposed to where they’ve been taken before.