Colbert tries to understand Ben Carson’s immigrants comment


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert took some time to talk about Ben Carson’s strange comments about slaves being immigrants in America.

Every night that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has a new episode, it seems like the late night CBS talk show has more material than they can talk about, especially when it comes to President Donald Trump’s administration.

It may come as no surprise, but Stephen Colbert was back to trolling Trump and his administration once again during Tuesday night’s episode. During one specific segment, Colbert had to talk about Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, who had some pretty controversial comments recently.

In his first official address as HUD secretary on Monday, Carson delivered a stunning quote that compared slaves to immigrants coming to America and “a land of dreams and opportunity”. As Colbert pointed out, if slaves were immigrants, then the Jews in Egypt were “pyramid interns”.

You can the entire segment of The Late Show and Colbert talking about Carson’s comments in the YouTube video below.

The immigrants quote wasn’t the only memorable comment from Carson’s first address as HUD secretary. He also talked about how every single person, regardless of race, has a brain. There was even a quote about how he could drill into the side of your skull and do something to your brain to have you recite a book word for word that you read decades ago.

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Colbert isn’t exactly sure what that has to do with Housing and Urban Development, but then again, no one really does.