James Corden talks about Rupert Grint being mistaken for Ed Sheeran


The Late Late Show host James Corden talked with actor Rupert Grint about being consistently mistaken for musician Ed Sheeran.

There are a ton of celebrities who have their own celebrity doppelgangers, but when you’re a red head who is pretty recognizable, there’s a good chance that you might get mistaken for the musician Ed Sheeran.

Rupert Grint, the man known best for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series, stopped by the set of The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday to talk about a number of subjects, including being regularly mistaken for Sheeran. Apparently it’s about 50-50 when Grint is spotted on the street, with people stopping him half of the time to talk about how much they enjoy his music.

Sheeran is definitely in the spotlight right now after the release of his newest album, but the fact that people mistake someone as recognizable as the guy who played Ron Weasley for the musician is pretty surprising. You can watch the whole segment in the YouTube video below.

Grint wasn’t the only one on The Late Late Show to admit that he had a celebrity doppelganger, however. Even Sir Patrick Stewart admitted that he gets mistaken for actor Ben Kingsley. He said that it’s a two-way street, however, with Kingsley also getting stopped by people to tell him how much they love Star Trek.

It has to be a little awkward to be a celebrity and get stopped in the street by people thinking you’re someone else, but that’s the price of fame I guess.