Saturday Night Live: 10 Walking Dead Actors We Want to see Host

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5. Laurie Holden

Laurie Holden hasn’t been on the show for quite some time. For those that don’t know, her character was killed off in season 3 (which differs greatly from the comics). But her character ended up being stupid and when you’re stupid in zombieland, you become dinner.

And now we have been Laurie Holden-less for quite some time. Which is the game of being a fan of The Walking Dead. Not all your favorites can survive. It is, after all, a show about the zombie apocalypse so not everyone is going to survive in the end.

But with Laurie, many wanted to see more. Mainly because her character started off kind of cool and ended up being rather hated by fans of the show. So watching her host and breaking her out of that Andrea mold may be good for her and for her fans.

For so long we’ve seen her as just Andrea that it would be nice to see her as Laurie and how funny she can be. And she can be very funny! We just need her to do something outside of The Walking Dead and why not have that something be an episode of Saturday Night Live?