Saturday Night Live: 10 Walking Dead Actors We Want to see Host

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The Walking Dead is full of actors who we find extremely talented and so here are 10 actors we’d love to see host Saturday Night Live.

The Walking Dead is an amazing show so it is surprising that none of its stars have ever hosted Saturday Night Live. The most we ever got was Norman Reedus dropping by for a segment on Weekend Update. That’s not to say the show hasn’t done its fair share of The Walking Dead sketches.

In fact, there was just one where Dave Chappelle played Negan in a sketch where he killed off all his old The Chappelle Show characters. So why then, Saturday Night Live, have you not had any of the cast host? They’re a funny group of people and could definitely take on the show.

So we decided to take it upon ourselves to give you a list of ten of The Walking Dead cast members who could definitely host SNL. They’re all amazing and clearly funny and talented, so why not have them promote one of the best shows on television currently?

From Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes himself) to Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), there are a lot of options for Saturday Night Live to choose from and we hope that they pick a cast member from The Walking Dead pronto! We need to see it in our lives!