George W. Bush goes full Hee-Haw, trolls Oscars Best Picture mixup

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC /

Former President George W. Bush appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to defend goofy made up words and troll the Oscars.

It has been about a decade since George W. Bush left the White House, and at the time there was great rejoice. Now that Donald Trump is running the country — maybe — the world is looking back at the Bush years through thick-rimmed rose tinted glasses.

While he’s always going to be remembered as perhaps one of the least intelligent presidents to ever serve America, history is getting kinder to W than many thought it would. The former President appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week in an appearance that will make even his detractors laugh a few times.

One of the signature moments was when Bush proceeded to troll the Oscars by (probably unintentionally) going full Hee-Haw Texas.

“Pass the envelope, please” Bush mockingly said, when asked if he knew who the Best Picture winner was .

The 44th President of the United States also mentioned how he felt about all of those SNL impressions that were done about him. While Bush said he was never offended by the impressions, he took issue with SNL trying to steal credit for his dopey catchphrases.

“I had dinner with Lorne Michaels [head of SNL], who said ‘I put a great speech writer on you’ and he came up with strategerie’,” Bush explained. “I said wait a minute, I came up with strategerie.”

Michael apparently tried telling the President that he never said “strategerie”, which riled up ol’ W just a little bit.

“I said, I dam sure did [say ‘strategerie]. Let me ask you this, did he also come up with ‘misunderestimate’?”.

That’s comedy that writes itself, watching Bush try to stake claim to dopey catchphrases others would be happy to pass off.

Say what you will about Bish, but time has made him into more of a treasure than we ever thought possible.