30 Times Samantha Bee Destroyed Donald Trump

Credit: Full Frontal/TBS
Credit: Full Frontal/TBS /
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3. When Bee said the world ended when Trump was sworn in.

So it didn’t physically end on Trump’s inauguration day but can we all agree that something inside of us died a little that day.

In this segment, Sam Bee talks with Masha Gessen who wasn’t afraid to tell us what our future looked like if we elected Trump to be our president: “I feel like we’re staring into an abyss.”

She hit the nail on the head. So Bee is bringing Gessen into her soul cycle panic room to talk more about the abyss we’re standing in. Bee kicks it right off, “What are your biggest worries about the incoming Trump administration.” Gessen casually spits out an answer. “Oh, my biggest worry is a nuclear holocaust. If miraculously we avoid that then he’s certain to do irreparable damage to the environment that’ll make the survival of the human species impossible.” Yikes. But we haven’t even hit rock bottom yet! Gessen goes on to list things that haven’t even happened yet but are more than likely coming. Things like overpowering all media outlets and running them from the white house. Things like thinking about going to war. Things like following the Putin model of only holding one press conference a year.

Until she ends with, “We have this Russian joke. We thought we hit rock bottom until someone knocked from below.”

Queue Hailee Steinfeld’s Rock Bottom