30 Times Samantha Bee Destroyed Donald Trump

Credit: Full Frontal/TBS
Credit: Full Frontal/TBS /
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11. When Bee compared Trump to Hilter.

Yup. She went there. But it’s Sam Bee and she goes everywhere.

On this segment, she’s talking Trump and she’s calling him out for what he really is– an orange supremacist. But also to add to that– a racist, a misogynist, a Hitler clone. Okay, I added that last part but she definitely compared Trump with Hitler in this clip.

He wants to kick people out of this country who “don’t deserve” to be here. What does that entail exactly? What kind of people don’t deserve to be here, Trump? I’m genuinely curious. Trump is worried people are going to enter out country and they’ll want to take it over…

Bee then goes on to criticize Donald Trump’s use of the “America First” tagline. “Trump isn’t the first American celebrity to stoke isolationist paranoia and fascist leanings with the particular phrase.” Let’s talk Charles Lindbergh who liked Germany’s “organized vitality” and was basically just a huge supporter of nazi’s. Him and Trump do have something in common. They both fear the “infiltration of inferior blood.” Boy, what a dynamic duo these two would’ve made, huh. Let’s all take a moment to thank the sweet lord that these two never crossed paths because that’s certainly something you’d read about in history books.