30 Times Samantha Bee Destroyed Donald Trump

Credit: Full Frontal/TBS
Credit: Full Frontal/TBS /
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15. When Bee showed that Trump supporters are just plain crazy.

I don’t usually use the c-word, and when I say c-word, I don’t mean the word ‘c*nt.’ Hell, that’s a word that I’d yell from rooftops regarding this president. I mean the word ‘crazy.’ But when I saw this segment on Bee’s team interviewing some Trump supporters about Trump’s political correctness, then I had to whip out the big guns. These people are capital C CRAZY.

We cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore,” Trump kicks off a convention. Bee responds, “With those words from Donald Trump, the republican convention goers erupted into a massive agreement boner cheer.”

To hell with political correctness! Is that entirely how Trump won the election? Was it his flattering political incorrectness that woo’d the American people?

He says the things that we’ve been thinking for years that nobody had the guts to say!

Oh, have you wanted to tell people that men can grab woman by the p*ssy? Have you been thinking that for years but just never had the guts to say it?

But my favorite part: “Donald Trump is going to be Daddy. And whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to listen to Daddy and if you don’t, then you’re going to get the belt.