30 Times Samantha Bee Destroyed Donald Trump

Credit: Full Frontal/TBS
Credit: Full Frontal/TBS /
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18. When Bee calls Trump’s staff “wildly incompetent bumblef*cks.

Ahhhh yes, another one of my favorite clips when Bee calls Trump’s staff “wildly incompetent bumblef*cks.” Okay, all of these clips in this article are my favorite but I’m particularly keen to this one.

We all have to admit that Bee completely nailed this description. Trump alone is a singular bumblef*ck but when you add in his staff of the “wildly incompetent bumblef*cks,” well, that’s just a whole lot of bumbler*ck to go around and a whole lot of crazy in our White House. Like I noted earlier on in this article, Donald Trump is Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls picking his favorite bffs to take down the country with him. When talking about Michael Flynn’s resignation as Donald Trump’s national security advisor, a lovely clip of Kellyanne Conway shows her having absolutely no idea what’s happening. Hey, at least she knows he’s super loyal!

Then we move on to everyone’s favorite speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Well, maybe not everyone’s but Sam Bee definitely enjoys talking about him, and we definitely enjoyed listening. She calls him an “orange-noser,” because you know…