Stephen Colbert says he feels bad for ISIS after latest Trump comments

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Stephen Colbert addressed Donald Trump’s latest attack on the press by apologizing to ISIS.

The greatest enemy to America used to be terrorism, but that has changed with Donald Trump in charge. Trump’s relentless attack on the press has become a rallying cry for his administration and it’s something that isn’t going away.

This past week, after delivering a rambling 77-minute solo press conference that was then torn apart, Trump leveled his worst critique of the press yet. In a tweet on Friday, Trump claimed that the press was the enemy of the American people — which some took less than lightly.

Stephen Colbert and Late Show were among those who took a step back to scratch their head about this latest attack. The late show host was quick to point out that it wasn’t long ago that the biggest threat to America was people that wanted to harm us, not people that write words about the president.

“Do you know who I feel bad for? ISIS,” Colbert said. “They try so hard. Sorry, ISIS, if you want to get on the list, you gotta publish photos of Trump’s inauguration crowd, then he’ll be really, really angry at you.”

Colbert saw a spike in his ratings over the last two weeks, thanks in large part to his relentless trolling of Trump. He’s beaten Jimmy Fallon twice in the last two weeks for the first time since 2015. It could be that edgy, Colbert Report-era zingers are contributing to this surge he’s not only experiencing but seemingly sustaining as well.

It could just be a good stretch for Colbert too, but that doesn’t happen by accident. For a guy who hasn’t been on top of the ratings since his first week on the job, nothing happens by accident.

You can watch the full monologue clip below:

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