Seth Meyers called Donald Trump’s press conference ‘racist’ (Video)

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During his press conference, Donald Trump asked a black reporter is she was friends with all of the Congressional Black Caucus — Seth Meyers didn’t approve.

If you happened to catch Thursday’s 77-minute press conference by President Donald Trump, then you watched one of the crazier things to have happened in a while. Given all that has happened since Trump took office less than a month ago, that’s saying a lot.

The presser featured everything from Trump telling reporters they were asking mean questions to silencing a Jewish reporter for asking how anti-semitism would be combated in America.

Perhaps one of the lowest moments was also one of the most subtly racist things Trump has said since taking office. While he has been getting slammed for overtly racist things like the Muslim travel ban and a war on immigrants, often overlooked are the more subtle and psychologically dangerous things said.

On Thursday, the world heard one of those moments when Trump asked a black reporter if she wanted to set up a meeting with a meeting with black members of Congress since she must know them all.

Meyers objected to the moment and rebuked that Trump’s response was nothing short of racist.

“It’s racist to assume all black people know each other. You don’t know all orange people,” Meyers quipped. “‘Hey, Donald, can you set up a meeting with Snooki and the Lorax?'”

Watch the whole clip below:

Meyers has been going hard in the pint when it coms to Trump. He’s been unrelenting in his criticism and analysis of how this administration is standing tall in his opinion. That’s why he’s set himself apart from other late night hosts when it comes to the subject and it’s one of the reasons he remains a titan of late night despite his late start time.

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