Jimmy Fallon mocks Donald Trump’s press conference (Video)

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Jimmy Fallon trolled president Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday — something that will still probably make people mad.

If there’s a guy on late night that has his work cut out for him as far as pleasing the Twitter warriors, it’s Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show host was lambasted after he cozied up to Donald Trump before the latter’s election in November.

This came after a long trail of scandalous allegations were made against Trump, including some that were confirmed by the man himself on tape. Despite all of this, Fallon not only allowed Trump on to his show but went as far as to pet his hair while he was there.

Needless to say, the backlash from the Twitter warriors was ferocious and that one moment has come to define Fallon for the better part of the last few months. But if you thought that was going to keep him down then you don’t know Fallon.

The late night comedian mocked the hell out of Trump’s press conference this week, one in which he attacked a Jewish reporter for asking a mean question and rambled on as he’s been known to do.

Fallon dug in and did his best to troll the president:

Fallon lost to rival Stephen Colbert and Late Show last week in the ratings game, something he’s looking to turn around. It’s largely been a one-sided fight with Fallon seemingly always in the lead with ratings, but last week was a scare.

While he’s going to troll Trump regardless, one has to wonder if his recent slip-up against Colbert led to a more Trump-heavy troll with this sketch. Even if it was a hard overcorrection, it’s still better than Colbert, which seems to be Fallon right back on top.

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