25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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18. Beck Bennett as Jake Tapper

Don’t know who Jake Tapper is? Well he’s our favorite late afternoon cable news anchor. The host of The Lead is making waves for his take on Trump and his interview with Kellyanne Conway where he calls her out on the remarks from President Trump about reporters.

He is funny and great and is quite an easy guy to like. So throw a wig on Beck Bennett and it is a dream come true. In every sketch where Beck has to portray him, we’re never disappointed. There are just some people, like Jake, who don’t need gimmicks to make them funny. He is just a funny guy naturally.

So Beck kind of has his work cut out for him. And he does a great job because he doesn’t make him anything more than he is. With impressions, people can easily go over the top. But Beck does an incredible job of maintaining truthful to Jake Tapper.

He keeps the things we love about him and makes sure that we, as the audience, are not put off by his over-exaggeration of the CNN news anchor. And it is nice to see. On a show filled with exaggerations of real people, a down to Earth impression really does go a long way.