25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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19. Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump

Before Alec Baldwin took over, Darrell Hammond was our Saturday Night Live Donald Trump. He wasn’t as good as Baldwin is, but he wasn’t bad. Mainly because his impression was pretty much one note and just the crazy things Donald said.

With Baldwin, we’re getting all the angry and the insanity that Trump brings to the world. Hammond didn’t do that nearly as much. And maybe that was because he was Trump before the dwindling down of the election cycle and the win. But whatever it is, his Trump was good, just not Baldwin good.

And maybe that’s why Baldwin took over. No matter the real cause, Hammond makes the list because it was still a pretty great impersonation of the President. He had the look, the mannerisms, and his subdued Trump voice was unique compared to more the impressions we see today.

It just wasn’t as memorable as Baldwin’s is. While it was only for a short while, there are just a lot more moments with Baldwin that people talk about. To be honest, I don’t think many people talk about Hammond’s performance any longer.

Which is sad because it is still a great impression. It just isn’t what we know to be the best on SNL anymore. Much like Poehler’s Clinton, someone just came along and stole the thunder.