25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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23.  Kate McKinnon as Angela Merkel

The German Chancellor wants her to love, Barack Obama, back. “It’s like winning the Nobel Prize for physics and then next year they give it to Hoobastank.” Merkel, the current Chancellor, is an elusive figure to most Americans. But Kate brings her to life in a way that makes Angela absolutely incredible.

Now most of us still don’t know what she’s like, but if she’s anything like McKinnon’s version of her, she sure does love her some Barack Obama. It is just really a Weekend Update impression meant for the laughs and to give us an excuse to make Nazi jokes about the Alt-Right.

It is just awesome to watch. If you haven’t realized yet, watching Kate McKinnon do anything is just pure joy. She’s fun and she brings life to everything she’s given and it just works in our favor. The more we praise her, the more Kate McKinnon we get to see.

And Angela is just one of her many great characters and impressions. It is just another Update political persona that brings light to a woman in power that many of us might not know exists. That seems to be right in Kate’s wheelhouse and we’d love to continue to see her playing people like Merkel and Ginsburg and whoever else might crop up.