25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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24. Molly Shannon as Monica Lewinsky

If you don’t remember 1998 or you weren’t alive or you weren’t allowed to watch it, you make have missed the greatest political comedy sketches of all time. When Bill Clinton’s affair came to light, Saturday Night Live was thriving.

And Molly Shannon’s portrayal of Monica Lewinsky was pretty amazing. In the sketch, she talks to Bill on the phone about mundane things until Saddam Hussein (Will Ferrell) gets on the line and the three talk together. Monica apparently bought him a beret and Clinton wants there to be a war or an anthrax scare to get the news off his back about his affair with Lewinsky.

It’s just fun to watch. Anymore, all we know about Monica is the blue dress and the fall out but when you look back on stuff like this, you get a real sense of what it as like during the scandal. In years from now, people might feel the same about the current Saturday Night Live sketches getting traction but this one is definitely a sketch that makes you feel what it was like back in 1998.

In all honesty, SNL is a great way to track how the country as a whole is feeling about something. It does a great job of documenting important events and how we all react to them.