25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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14. Jason Sudeikis as Sen. Joe Biden

As someone who loves Joe Biden more than some family members, this impression is pretty great. Mainly because again, it is Jason Sudeikis and he just brings his charm to everything he does. With Biden, it isn’t even what the former Vice President sounds like but it works somehow.

Maybe it is because Jason, much like Joe, has a way about him that makes you love them. The two just want everyone to have a good time and it comes out in their personalities. So choosing Jason to play him, no matter how crazy it is, just kind of works.

The thing about them both is that they always want everyone to be their happiest. Whether that’s laughing or enjoying our civil liberties, both Joe and Jason want what’s best for us all. So Jason brings that to his caricature of Uncle Joe and makes it extremely believable.

To be honest, no one can really do Joe Biden justice. He’s too perfect for this world. But Jason’s portrayal is about as close to the real Joe we can get in parody form. Honestly, why even parody the man? He’s so perfect, just let him be and let our love of Joe be expressed in other ways.

But if you’re going to parody him, at least Jason Sudeikis was up to the task.