25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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16. Cecily Strong as Melania Trump

For a while, many wondered how the Melania jokes were going to go. But the Melania thoughts and then Melaniaide happened and the world was changed for the better. Cecily Strong, who has done some pretty great impressions in the past (mainly Lin-Manuel Miranda) gives Melania more personality than the real Melania has every seen.

It is so funny and when you compare the First Lady to this impression, I’d honestly rather watch a speech with Cecily as Melania giving it. It is just so funny to see a caricature have more personality and fun than the actual woman.

She is already the source of many jokes since Donald Trump has just a problem with immigrants when Melania herself is an immigrant.

And Saturday Night Live has definitely made sure to capitalize on that. You can’t fault the show for that, they’re extremely good about calling out the insanities of the world to make us all laugh. And with Melania, they bring out the big guns.

Again though, it has a lot to do with Cecily. She just has a fun energy that is great to watch. Seeing her have fun and bring to life this real woman who we’ve only seen in clipped speeches makes us want to see even more of her. But Cecily Strong’s version of her, not the real one.