Seth Meyers asks if Donald Trump actually cares about U.S. Vets


Late Night with Seth Meyers discussed president Donald Trump’s executive order freezing federal hiring on veterans during Tuesday night’s episode.

If you thought before that Late Night with Seth Meyers goes pretty hard at president Donald Trump, you probably haven’t watched clips from Tuesday night’s episode yet.

In a segment during Tuesday night’s episode of Late Night called “The Check In”, Meyers talked about president Trump’s recent executive order that instituted a federal hiring freeze, which the NBC series pointed out is hurting veterans.

During Trump’s campaign, he mentioned on multiple occasions that he was going to help out the country’s veterans. He was accurate in claiming that the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs was in bad shape, but has yet to do anything about it as acting president.

Meyers went specifically hard at Trump’s lack of a real military background. They pointed out that he didn’t serve in the Vietnam War because of “a foot thing”, and that he only attended two or three of about 20 meetings after donating $1 million to a Vietnam War Memorial in Manhattan.

You can watch the entire segment about Trump’s federal hiring freezing in the YouTube video below.

There were plenty of interesting notes from Late Night’s segment about the recent executive order. Meyers even mentioned that Trump was criticized for not meeting with any national veterans service organizations during his transition period.

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Trump and his administration could very well address the problem surrounding veterans in the near future, but until then, Meyers and the Late Night staff have brought up some interesting points surrounding the issue.