Conan releases “exclusive” footage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Conan O’Brien and his team at Conan found some “exclusive” footage from the upcoming Star Wars saga film Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars fans around the world are pumped up after the official title to Episode VIII was recently revealed to be “The Last Jedi”. While there are plenty of questions surrounding what that title actually means, late night shows like Conan have their own idea as to what it could be about.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the popular TBS late night talk show, Conan O’Brien announced to the audience that the show was able to obtain some “exclusive” footage from The Last Jedi, and warned them that they were going to be some spoilers.

Of course, the following footage that Conan rolled was merely a spoof. It featured a supposed Jedi getting an operation done on Coruscant so that he wouldn’t be able to reproduce while getting intimate with twi’leks.

As a Star Wars nerd, I have to point out that Conan mispronounced twi’lek (it’s pronounced twee-lek). You can watch the entire segment from Wednesday night’s episode in the YouTube video below.

The Last Jedi won’t be out until December, but the hype surrounding the movie is starting to build because of the new title. Many are wondering whether the title is talking about Luke Skywalker, or whether it’s talking about Rey after she revealed that she was at least force sensitive in The Force Awakens.

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Of course, Jedi could also be plural, so we’ll really have no idea what the title means until the movie finally comes out. As for Conan, they better start getting their fake alien names pronounced right, or nerds around the world are going to start coming after them.