Conan gets Dwight Freeney to apologize for sacking Tom Brady

Credit: Conan/TBS
Credit: Conan/TBS /

Conan is in Houston for Super Bowl LI, and he helped mend fences between Falcons defensive end Dwight Freeney and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

If you haven’t heard, Super Bow LI will take place this Sunday in Houston and will feature — for the seventh time in 15 years — Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. This time, their opponent will be the Atlanta Falcons, which bodes well for New England no matter which way you slice it.

The last time the Patriots played an NFC South team in the Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers in 2004, they won. Brady and the Pats are also 2-0 all-time against teams with birds for a logo, beating the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005 and Seattle Seahawks in 2015.

While the Falcons might be new Super Bowl opponents for the Patriots, there will be a familiar face lining up across from Brady on Sunday. Dwight Freeney, who made a career out of terrorizing Brady while with the Indianapolis Colts, is playing what could be his final game on Sunday afternoon.

Conan O’Brien celebrated this reunion by having both appear on his segment ‘Clueless Gamer’, in which he insisted Freeney apologize to Brady for all the times he sacked him. Needs to say, Brady agreed with the call for an apology and patiently waited for one.

“Absolutely not,” Freeney immediately quipped. “How many times has he beaten up and thrown for touchdowns? He should apologize to me.”

Conan then went on to point out that Freeney is actively trying to disrupt Brady from simply doing his job on Sundays — which he defined as rude.

Freeney doubled down and agreed to apologize if Brady also did so at the same time. You can pretty much guess what happened next:

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Brady and Freeney will be part of Conan’s show tonight, when the Clueless Gamer segments airs at 11pm ET on TBS.