Colbert discusses Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nomination, Neil Gorsuch


Stephen Colbert delivered his thoughts on Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nomination Neil Gorsuch during Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show.

It’s not really an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert unless the late night host is taking shots at president Donald Trump. That was the case once again on Wednesday night, as Stephen Colbert had plenty to talk about.

During Wednesday night’s episode, Colbert started his opening monologue by talking about Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nomination, Neil Gorsuch. Colbert admitted that it wasn’t the first nomination. After all, Trump could have nominated himself, Colbert joked.

Colbert also described Gorsuch as “dad from a Walmart photo frame”, while calling the nomination announcement “So You Think You Can SCOTUS?”. It was definitely a unique event to have Trump announce Gorsuch’s nomination on national television and on Facebook Live, feeling almost like a reality show.

You can watch the opening monologue Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show in the YouTube video below.

After talking about Gorsuch’s SCOTUS nomination, Colbert wanted to talk about an even more serious subject of conversation, and that was the Westminster Dog Show announcing that there will be cats in this year’s contest.

Colbert was blown away by the news, and thinks it’s a horrible idea to put cats and dogs together in the same contest, because they’ll be fighting like, well, cats and dogs. Everyone is wondering what the Westminster Dog Show is going to look like, but fortunately for us The Late Show gave us a taste of what it could entail.

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As for Gorsuch and Trump, expect plenty more jokes about the two from Colbert in the near future.