Neal Brennan says Trump is the biggest snowflake of them all


Stand-up comedian Neal Brennan stops by the set of The Daily Show to talk with Trevor Noah about president Donald Trump, and he didn’t hold back.

There are plenty of late night talk shows and guests that have been making fun of president Donald Trump. However, stand-up comedian Neal Brennan might have had some of the best burns during Trump’s presidency so far.

The comedian stopped by the set of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah during Monday night’s episode. Brennan has been promoting his new Netflix stand-up special, 3 Mics. However, when talking with Noah, Brennan noted that he didn’t talk about Trump during his entire special, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Fortunately for us, Brennan showed up and delivered as many punch lines about Trump as possible in a few short minutes. He started by talking about the new term “snowflake” describe to talk about sensitive people who get offended over everything, arguing that Trump is probably the biggest snowflake of them all.

You can watch Brennan’s entire interview with Noah in the video below courtesy of Comedy Central.

Probably the best point that Brennan made during his interview was questioning why Trump is so upset about Saturday Night Live making fun of him. After all, the NBC series has been making fun of presidents for decades. Why would they stop just because Trump is now the president?

Those who aren’t familiar with Brennan and aren’t the biggest fans of Trump will love this entire segment. After the success of his new Netflix special, expect Brennan’s name to keeping popping up over the next few months.