Lewis Black rates Donald Trump’s first week and it’s not good


Comedian Lewis Black joined fellow former Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to talk about Donald Trump’s first week in office.

Pretty much every late night show out there tries to bring out the best guests possible on a nightly basis. However, it’s not every day that one of those guests is an old friend of the host.

That was the case on Monday night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During the episode, Stephen Colbert brought out fellow former Daily Show correspondent Lewis Black, who is doing a tour promoting the upcoming animated movie Rock Dog.

Colbert and Lewis have known each other since 1997, so it’s safe to say that they go way back. Since Lewis is known for his political commentary, the two obviously had to talk about the current president Donald Trump and his first week in office. You can listen to what Black had to say about Trump in the YouTube video below.

It was actually a bit of a surprise that Black wasn’t his usual rage-fueled self, but he still made it clear he wasn’t happy with that has been happening over the past week. He also wanted to request to Colbert that The Late Show pixelate his face so that he wouldn’t have to worry about Trump sending some mean tweets his way.

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There have been so many successful Daily Show alumni, so it’s cool to see two of the original greats chatting it up once again. Hopefully Black can return to The Late Show in the near future, because he always has plenty to talk about.