Jimmy Fallon unveils Trump’s Huge Wheel of Decisions


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon took a rare shot at president Donald Trump, with the late night host playing the POTUS in a new segment.

Late night talk shows have been taking shots at president Donald Trump for what feels like years now. However, the popular NBC late night show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has tended to shy away from politics for the most part.

That wasn’t the case during Monday night’s episode. Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Trump for the first time in a while to make some jokes regarding the president’s decision making process, especially regarding his recent executive orders.

Dressed as Trump, Fallon joked that it feels like the president’s nominations have almost been at random, but he assured everyone that instead he has a very complicated system of picking a ball out of a golden nomination cage.

As far as policy decisions are made, Fallon joked that Trump uses a “huge wheel of decisions”, which includes things like “nuke the moon just to see what happens”. You can watch the whole segment with Fallon dressed as Trump below.

The Tonight Show has been more focused on creative games to play with the guests and is one of the more light-hearted late night shows on television. However, that doesn’t mean that Fallon and his staff are going to keep ignoring everything that the president does.

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Who knows when we’ll get another sketch with Fallon dressed as Trump, but hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.