Daily Show correspondent looks on the bright side of Trump’s Muslim ban


Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj tries to look on the bright side of Donald Trump’s executive order that is being referred to as a “Muslim Ban”.

It has been an emotional week for Muslim Americans after president Donald Trump’s executive order barring immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries from traveling to the United States.

However, one Daily Show correspondent tried to look at the bright side of what is being called a “Muslim Ban” or “Travel Ban”. That may sound absurd at first, but it’ll start to make sense.

On Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Comedy Central host Trevor Noah talked about the outrage over Trump’s executive order and the fallout from it, which included massive protests across the country. He also brought on correspondent Hasan Minhaj, who is Muslim, to talk about it.

Minhaj apparently flew into JFK Airport from Sacramento this weekend as the executive order was being implemented. He said that he was blown away, because once he landed people began hugging him and actually thanked him for being Muslim. You can watch the entire segment below, with Minhaj appearing around the 5:45 mark.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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The Daily Show correspondent pointed out just how crazy it was to see Muslims actually praying at the airport, something that would have been received much differently a few weeks ago.

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Minhaj is likely just as upset as a lot of Muslims in this country, but you have to give him some major props for trying to highlight some of the positive reactions that have come out of this controversial executive order.