Stephen Colbert reacts to the Donald Trump Muslim travel ban

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After taking a week off from The Late Show, Stephen Colbert used his opening monologue to talk about what the Trump administration did in the week while he was away.

Like many other late night hosts, Stephen Colbert is using his platform to talk about the questionable things Trump has done during his (short) time in office. Touching on things like climate change and Obamacare, Colbert spends most of his time talking about the most recent Trump controversy, the refugee ban.

Two Christian families were detained at Philadelphia International Airport because of the ban. They were then sent back on a return flight hours later. This Executive Order quickly shut down years of planning these families had done in order to legally come to the United States.

Although the nature of what is happening is very serious, Colbert uses every opportunity to take verbal jabs at Trump and his administration.

The backlash from the ban has been felt all over the world, resulting in protests at different airports across the country.

As Colbert talks about some of stories that have unfolded because of the ban, the audience is in clear disagreement with the decisions Trump made. They boo when he tells stories about those detained in airports, and cheer whenever Trump is insulted.

If you want to hear more of the stories and some reaction, you can watch the full monologue below:

As the world continues to protest the most recent Executive Order, Trump has to decide who he will pick for the Supreme Court.

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If things continue this way with the President, the late night shows are certainly not going to run out of content any time soon.